Detailed description of vehicle assembly with roof rack (cargo), amature radio transceivers, APRS and other electronic monitoring equipment for paranormal investigation. Storm chaser capable and with emergency communication ability. Click on images to enlarge


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Front HF vertical antenna with ARB antenna mount bracket driver side on ARB Bull bumper. Shock absorber dust cover over antenna spring.

Back view of  roof rack - Shown: Backup IR camera, backward view bullet camera. Electrical box and cable trunk with emergency flashers (amber.)

Side view of roof rack -  Shown: Break light and LED spot/flood light junction box with emergency flasher (amber.)

Front view of ARB Bull bumper - Shown: LED front spot light and HF 1:1 coax line KOMTEK isolation BALUN.  Smittybilt XRC 9.5 KLB winch

Inside view of ARB Bull bumper - Shown: Braided copper silver coated for antenna ground. Extra antenna stub mount PL-259 by Wilson antenna.

View of both back cameras and 110VAC electrical outlet inverter driven (2000 watts.) Backup LED’s and part of 360 degree Sasquatch night light find.

Cable trunk from roof rack to inside of vehicle. Bullet camera and LED backup lights.

Top view - Shown: Solar panel by RENOGY, relay junction box. Antenna brackets. LED part of 360 degree Sasquatch night find. Loudspeaker.

Antennas: Comet VHF/UHF, Wilson Cellular tri-band, Scanner multi-band, VHF, UHF, extra PL-259 stubs and cable trunk through vehicle roof.

Kenwood HF TS-480SAT and Yaesu VHF/UHF FTM-400DR remote head transceivers. Power monitor and power controls. Backup monitor.

RTL-SDR USB radio receiver. Note 1/2” aluminum tubing with threaded rod for mounting radio heads. Shown is remote key control for light LED bar.

ACER One 10 Tablet computer with attached keyboard and view of LED light control head on dash and back of backup monitor wireless.

ACER computer with APRS tracking software displayed. LED control head showing Sasquatch 360 degree master ON rocker switch and all kill.

Yaesu FTM-400DR main radio body. CB radio for PA system. Extra control boxes for future accessories.

Power inverter for acessories. Main housing box for Multi-USB junction for ACER One 10 Tablet computer. Spare cigarette lighter plugs.

Shown: Antenna junction. All antenna’s on roof rack via cable trunk pass through this terminal. Solar charger CMG series controller regulator.

Shown: Kenwood TS-480SAT main body. MFJ auto tuner. Speakers. Wiring control junction box for roof rack connection and car break/running lights.

Shown: Alarm control. Antenna HF selector switch and grounding braided copper strap. Deep cycle battery behind radio control rack.

Off road LED MICTUNING dual-light bar 31.5”. Remote control key chain operated (white/amber) - With two front LED spot 360 Sasquatch night light find. Total 360 uses eight spots all operated by the dashboard control Sasquatch rocker switch.

Backseat view of control console between driver and passenger. All airbags are not obstructed.

Cables on computer mount and display adjustments. Note cable restrains for computer security.

Toyota 4-Runner 2002

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